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  • Orchard Hail & Shade NetOrchard Hail & Shade Net
  • Protection FabricsProtection Fabrics
  • 1Long life under rough outdoor conditions
  • 2Significantly stronger
  • 3Operational efficiency
  • 4Cost effective
  • 5100% recyclable

Slide2Seal BeadEye is a unique family of products. They are manufactured by injection of plastic Elements onto narrow fabric tapes. The products allow connecting textile sheets to metal cables, both permanent connections and ones that allows movement of the sheets along the metal cables. The BeadEye products are far superior to the technology available in the market today, such as Eyelets and various of other plastic connectors.

The unique Slide2Seal BeadEye family of products is an exclusive Slide2Seal patent.


Technical Data Specification

The Rings 

  • MaterialPOM


  • Material100% Polyester
  • Width25mm / 35mm
  • Thickness0.7mm
  • SpecialWeldable to PVC & PE

Technical Characteristics

  • Leteral Strangth100Kg per unit
  • UV RessistanceKLY 800 (Europe 8 years)
  • Color Fastness4-5

Finish Product

  • Distance between the ringsFrom 20cm and more
  • ColorsBlack & White
  • Other colorsPer agreed MOQ
  • MOQ3,000m
  • PackLoose in carton / box