Waterproof Zippers


  • SurfingSurfing
  • DivingDiving
  • River FishingRiver Fishing
  • CoolingCooling
  • BagsBags
  • 1Highest quality
  • 2Fuel resistance
  • 3Flexibility
  • 4Ease of operation
  • 5No meintenance needed
  • 6Variety of sealing degree
  • 7Matching the product to the need

Slide2Seal distributes a variety of Aqua Zippers. The zippers are manufactured especially for Slide2Seal and Meet our high quality requirements. As a result, we take full responsibility for the quality of the zippers and their suitability for various uses. A variety of Aqua zippers are available at various waterproof levels.

Waterproof Zippers

Technical Data Specifications

  • Watertight TPU CoilZipper
  • Prevents Water Penetration
  • Under Pressure up to 200mb (2m)


  1. Clothing & Shoes/Boots • Outdoor Equipment: Any Bags, Bag pack, Tent & others
  2. Dry & Wet: Wader, Wetsuit & Diving Suit • Protection Suits & Chemical Protection
  3. Flexible Containers: Ice Bags, Tech Equipment • Inflatable Objects

Zipper Type Available

Both Side Close, One Slider or Two Sliders

Open Top, One Slider


  • ZipperPolyester Coil (S60 & S80)
  • CoatingFuel Resistant Black TPU Other Colors Available with Certain Order
  • Slider & PullerNon Lock Slider, Painted Zink Alloy

Slider Type Available

  • Standard Puller - No Logo
  • Standard Puller - Customer LogoOn Request
  • Plastic HandleOn Request

Technical Data

  • Min. Length15 cm
  • Max. LengthNo Limit
  • Zipper Chain Width8 mm
  • Material Width41 mm
  • Extention Top & Bottom28 mm
  • Pressure Resistance - Water Only200 mb
  • Cross Breaking Strength of Chain480 N/cm
  • Force to Operate Slider Along the Chain22 N
  • Force to Dock & Undock the Slider (Both Side)38 N
  • Reciprocating Test3,000 times